Brooklyn Park to establish hot site for disaster recovery

Brooklyn Park will purchase technology equipment to help protect city operations in the case of a disaster.

The equipment will allow the city to establish a “disaster recovery hot site.” A hot site is a duplicate of the city’s core technology systems at another location with full data backups. The hot site would allow core technology infrastructure and services to be up and running during an outage or disaster at city hall.

Because the city backs up its data, it could still restore its systems if a disaster happened, but there could be significant downtime.

Last year the city had an issue with the storage equipment at city hall that brought services offline and highlighted the benefits having a hot site would offer.

City staff determined purchasing the equipment would be less expensive than leasing it.

The council voted 6-0 Sept. 17 to approve up to $100,000 for the purchase. The city’s budget had originally allowed $125,000, but it’s coming in under budget. Councilmember Elizabeth Knight was absent.