Robbinsdale Mayoral and City Council general election

Robbinsdale mayor

The Robbinsdale City Council Mayoral race is between two candidates: Regan Murphy and George Selman. The mayoral salary is $10,151.

Regan Murphy

Address: 4001 Orchard Ave. N., Robbinsdale


Family: Wife, Kris, three children

Education: University of Minnesota, B.S., 1995 – Agricultural Marketing

Occupation: Stryker Orthopedics – Medical Device Sales

Years in city: Born and raised in Robbinsdale

Community involvement: Robbinsdale Planning Commission, Robbinsdale Park, Recreation & Forestry Commission – Chairman term and Heart of Robbinsdale Community Foundation – Chairman and Founding Member

Have you run for any other office in the past? If so, list what, when and for how long you served (if applicable): No


Q. Why are you the best person to represent the city?

I am the best candidate for mayor of Robbinsdale because I have the experience and drive for a better Robbinsdale.

For the first time in 16 years, Robbinsdale residents will elect a new Mayor. The city has changed in many ways and as we prepare for the future, the city needs to look to the next generation of engaged Robbinsdale residents to lead the city while aggressively pursuing challenges relating to crime and economic growth.

The mayor needs to be more than just another vote on the city council. I will actively work with our city manager and city council to generate and manage revenues to support city services.

I will be your voice and advocate for a community that you can be proud of.

My years as a public servant and leader have given me the experience to listen, problem solve, and follow through on my commitments.  

Q. What changes would you like to incorporate if elected that are currently not in place?

First, as mayor of Robbinsdale, I’d like the city council and the Robbinsdale Economic Development Authority to become more proactive in promoting Robbinsdale and planning for its future.

I will engage current stakeholders, including the greater business community, community organizations, major employers and residents to make this a community effort.

For example, one inexpensive idea is to host a city hall open house and city bus tour for area realtors.  It would give residential and commercial realtors an in-depth look at what Robbinsdale has to offer.

In addition to promoting Robbinsdale, the city council should consider creating a master plan in conjunction with our existing comprehensive plan to create specific, in-depth project proposals and a defined plan for implementation.

Second, I would propose that the city council develop a neighborhood association plan.  The city’s role would be to assist in establishing the framework and tools to encourage residents to form associations.

Neighborhood associations would be formed and run by residents.  These associations will improve resident awareness and safety, accountability and communication with police, while instilling a greater sense of pride in our neighborhoods.

As your mayor, I will be dedicated to making a better Robbinsdale.  We need to increase Robbinsdale’s visibility and establish our city as a safe destination for both commerce and new residents.  Attracting new businesses will add revenue to our tax base so the city can continue to provide the services we need.

I ask for your vote for mayor of Robbinsdale on Nov. 6.

George Selman

Address: 3953 Zane Ave. N. Robbinsdale


Family: Wife, Merrilee. Two daughters and four grandchildren.

Education: High School, some college

Occupation: Semi retired. City Council and part-owner of a small residential cleaning business in Robbinsdale

Years in city: 34

Community involvement: Founding member Heart of Robbinsdale Community Foundation (current Treasurer), Whiz Bang Days Committee Director (past president), Member Robbinsdale Lions Club (past president)

Have you run for any other office in the past? If so, list what, when and for how long you served (if applicable): 2006 ran for City Council Third Ward, was elected. 2010 elected to a second term.


Q. Why are you the best person to represent the city?

Over the past 25 years I have been a tireless worker and volunteer in Robbinsdale and the region. I have been a leader in many organizations:  past president of the Robbinsdale Lions Club, founding board member of the Heart of Robbinsdale Community Foundation (current treasurer), chair of the Community Advisory Committee for Bottineau Corridor Transit Way (current chairperson) and past president and 20 year committee member of the Whiz Bang Days organizing committee and many others.

This service history has taught me a great deal about how to lead groups and be an effective community leader. It has also earned me many endorsements from area elected officials. They include Senator Ann Rest, Representative Lyndon Carlson, Mike Opat Hennepin County Commissioner, Barb Johnson Minneapolis City Council President and others. The most important endorsement I have been honored with is that of our current Mayor Mike Holtz.

While I do not always agree with all of these fine public servants, we have gained a high level of mutual trust and respect through regional projects and efforts. These relationships will help me get things done fast as the new mayor of Robbinsdale. Being mayor is a serious commitment that takes regional experience and expertise. I will bring that and a strong work ethic with new ideas from the citizens of Robbinsdale for the next four years.

I am part-owner of two businesses located in Robbinsdale.  This shows my commitment to reinvest into our fine city. With three generations of my family living in Robbinsdale I am committed. I ask for your vote on Nov. 6.

Q. What changes would you like to incorporate if elected that are currently not in place?

I have a list of new things I would like to see in Robbinsdale’s future. This list comes from door-knocking almost daily over the past four months.

The people I have met have shared their dreams and ideas for our city and its future. I have in the past and will continue in the future let our citizens set our direction by listening. One of the changes I would like to see is Light Rail Transit to our downtown area. The development opportunities this creates are truly a once in a lifetime chance to set our thriving business district on a solid foundation for generations to come.

I also plan on holding regular listening meetings open to all as we work together into the future. For more information and changes please go to

Robbinsdale City Council Ward 1

The Robbinsdale City Council Ward 1 race is between two candidates: Bill Blonigan and Barbara Richardson. The salary is $8,097 annually with a four-year term.

Bill Blonigan

Address: 4300 Twin Lake Road


Family: Wife, Teri, four children

Education: Golden Valley High School, University of Minnesota – BA, Political Science, William Mitchell College of Law – J. D.

Occupation: Attorney in private practice for 34 Years

Years in city: 35

Community involvement:  Founding Member of Heart of Robbinsdale Community Foundation, member – Sacred Heart Parish, past member – Various District 281 Committees

   Have you run for any other office in the past? If so, list what, when and for how long you served (if applicable): Yes, Robbinsdale City Council member since 1981, Robbinsdale Housing and Redevelopment Authority or Economic Development Authority since 1981.  Current, EDA President, Northwest Suburbs Cable Communications Commission since 1981 – current officer and member of the Executive Committees.

Information:, [email protected], 763- 535-5576.

Q. Why are you the best person to represent the city?

We all love Robbinsdale. I do too. I think I am the most trained, experienced and effective candidate. I know how we became the city with the lowest total city tax rate among our neighbors. I think I know how to continue that. As a small cog in a team effort to build your city, I know I must balance citizens’ desires with responsible budgeting to get the most bang for the buck. Our team is doing that. It is not just luck. I want to help Robbinsdale continue building upon our recent momentum.

There is no single greatest challenge and no silver bullet to solve city problems. For 32 years, as a councilmember and EDA member, I have tried to examine each problem in detail to come up with creative solutions. Often staff comes up with a solution. Our job is to improve upon those suggestions or to invent innovative solutions of our own. We must continue protecting and upgrading our housing, supporting our strong police and fire departments, our parks and recreation and budgeting responsibly.

Working together with the rest of the City Council I have helped create a metro-wide reputation that Robbinsdale is a stable well-run city.  Therefore we attract excellent staff.

Q. What changes would you like to incorporate if elected that are currently not in place?

Any issue that any citizen brings to me is an issue I need to be aware of. The thousands of hours I have spent studying Robbinsdale issues and concerns make me aware of most issues, but staff, media and citizens make me aware of new issues every day.

The state and national economy created our most burdensome issues. As Economic Development Authority President, I see that city government can facilitate local business development with targeted tax increment financing loans that new businesses pay back to us with interest. Successful projects the EDA has been involved with include Travail, Nonna Rosa’s, Cunningham, Broadway Court, Town Center, Copperfield Hill, Oakdale II, Good Samaritan and Wuollet. I provided the deciding vote to make many of these complex projects work.

Our EDA efforts to upgrade housing and remove blight are a constant battle that we are successfully fighting. We enacted ordinances making landlords more responsible. And added a police officer this year to combat crime.

If re-elected I will continuing to find solutions everywhere to prevent the blight, dissonance and infighting that some other cities have. I would like to be a stabilizing influence during future changing times.

Barbara Richardson

Address: 4025 Orchard Ave. N.


Family: Husband, Tom, three children

Education: My education entitles me to be an ordained Christian Minister.

Occupation: Tom and I are the previous owners of Coffee on Broadway for 13 years.

Currently, my daughter, Kate and I, are opening a new retail French cottage- style boutique in the same location. The shop is called “Ever After.”

Years in city: 35

Community involvement: I am a member of the Robbinsdale Chamber of Commerce, and soon to be a member of the Robbinsdale Lions.

Have you run for any other office in the past? If so, list what, when and for how long you served (if applicable): No

Information: [email protected]

Q. Why are you the best person to represent the city?

With all due respect to the incumbent, I have an entirely different collection of life experiences that will benefit our community.

Having been an entrepreneur most of my life, I have been sole proprietor along with my husband in four retail-service businesses during the time we have lived in Robbinsdale.

The last two are right here on West Broadway. The realm of the small independent retail business is one of creativity, problem solving, human resources, finance, accountability, honesty, integrity, and above all else, customer service. I believe that as a City Council member with those qualifications, the citizens of Robbinsdale can expect the best.

Q. What changes would you like to incorporate if elected that are currently not in place?

At the risk of being completely transparent, I would strive to create warm and welcoming atmosphere within the administration and the council.

All members of our community would then feel very comfortable in seeking resolve to whatever is on their mind without a sense of intimidation, but rather be warmly welcomed as a friend and neighbor.

I know from my experience at Coffee on Broadway, where I spoke with much of our community on a daily basis, many felt the city and council were unapproachable, therefore not voicing their concern or problem which in turn leaves a less than content resident.

I believe it is possible for us to treat all people in such a way that it promotes greater participation and involvement of all our citizens, thus resulting in a very unified community, with the common goal of living in one of the best cities in the metro.

Robbinsdale City Council Ward 2

Incumbent Dan Rogan is running unopposed. Rogan has represented Ward 2 since 2005. The salary is $8,097 annually with a four-year term.

Dan Rogan

Address: 3714 Zenith Ave. N.


Family: Wife, Kate; two sons

Education: Law degree

Occupation: Senior Assistant Hennepin County Attorney

Years in city: 35

Community involvement:  Robbinsdale Youth Sports Coach (baseball, hockey, soccer); Robbinsdale UCC; and Robbinsdale School District Government Advisory Committee

Have you run for any other office in the past? If so, list what, when and for how long you served (if applicable): Robbinsdale City Council 2005-present.

Information: [email protected]

• Why are you the best person to represent the city?

I do not have an opponent on the ballot this year, but felt that it was important to highlight why I decided to run for re-election.

I am committed to making Robbinsdale a great place for families to reside.  When I first ran for city council eight years ago, I had three primary goals: keeping our neighborhoods safe and secure; improving our parks and lakes; and maintaining a vibrant and prosperous downtown. I believe these are still the core issues important to Robbinsdale.

During the last four years, we have made significant strides toward meeting each of these goals.  The council has added police resources and passed crime free housing and repeat nuisance ordinances to help keep our neighborhoods safe.

Overall, serious crime is down 17 percent in Robbinsdale from 2008 to 2011.  However, we have seen a recent uptick in burglaries and other property crimes and need to continue to focus on public safety.

We have significantly revitalized several parks, including Lake View Terrace Park, and made significant investments in cleaning up Crystal Lake.  Continuing to make our parks and lakes strong amenities for all is an ongoing focus of mine.

Finally, downtown Robbinsdale has seen a significant increase in the number of new restaurants and businesses and many of them are flourishing.

I am running for re-election because I believe that, although we have made great progress, there is much left to do in Robbinsdale. I will continue to focus on these issues during the next four years.

• What changes would you like to incorporate if elected that are currently not in place?

I believe the city council has been responsive to the economic challenges that we have faced over the last four years during the great recession.

We have been able to maintain basic city services without significantly raising taxes, despite the fact that the State of Minnesota has dramatically cut back on the dollars it provides to Robbinsdale.

We have done this by cutting back on many non-essential services.  One item I would like to focus on is working with the State Legislature on making the tax system fairer, so that the city of Robbinsdale can reduce its reliance on property taxes.

Another item I look forward to working on is helping to bring Light Rail to Robbinsdale.