Earle Brown Elementary collecting donations for media center

Earle Brown Elementary School Principal Jane Ellis is hoping people will reach out to support upgrading the media center with new materials with just the click of a button. Using the website givemn.org, the school is collecting donations to provide young learners access to new books and technology to connect them with other students in the state.

There is also the need for new music and film libraries and digital media and photographic equipment, all to help enhance the curriculum at Earle Brown Elementary.

Givemn.org features information about nonprofit organizations in Minnesota for people who would like to support local causes and make donations.

“We’re trying to raise a minimum of $30,000,” Ellis said. “It’s a goal to open the media center with new materials in fall of 2013,” she said.

Donations for Earle Brown Elementary made on Thursday, Nov. 15, which is Give to the Max Day, could provide additional money for the school’s media center. Donations for 24 hours on Thursday allow organizations and schools the opportunity to win more money or double their gifts from donors.