Letter: A smooth election day for one election judge

To the Editor:

Kudos to Brooklyn Center voters; as head election judge for precinct one it was heart warming to see all the voters turn out on Election Day.

The process went smoothly thanks especially to Sharon Knutson, our city clerk, our tireless group of election judges, Amy and Steve, staff members at Earle Brown Elementary School and Sandy with the food service from Brooklyn Center High School. We registered over 400 voters in our precinct on Election Day.

This wouldn’t have been possible if the voter ID amendment had been in place. Speaking for our precinct, all our judges were working to their fullest capacity. I encourage more people to contact Sharon Knutson and volunteer to be an election judge. We need more judges to help facilitate the voting process and lessen the number of hours any one judge has to work. What a wonderful way to meet our neighbors and support our democratic process.

Allan Hancock

Brooklyn Center