Letter: Let the Golden Valley City Council know how you feel on transit

The Nov. 13 Golden Valley City Council/manager was well-attended by heavy hitters from Hennepin County and the Met Council, all to pressure the council to approve the Bottineau light rail route through Wirth Park and the Mary Hills Nature Area.

They said that Golden Valley’s yes vote is necessary to allow the project to go forward with further studies, that other routes will be studied, and Golden Valley will have the chance to say no later, at the “municipal consent” stage. The council wisely decided to have a public hearing before voting again.

Make no mistake: Hennepin County, the Met Council, and all the other cities on the Bottineau line are committed to pushing through the Golden Valley route. Three council members and Mayor Shep Harris are all on record believing the Golden Valley route is not the best route for Bottineau, and council members Scanlon, Pentel and Clausen voted their convictions last summer when they refused to approve it.

But it will be hard for them to say no again in the face of all the outside pressure, and it will be virtually impossible later, after millions more have been spent on studies and planning. The City Council needs your help and support to resist the outside pressures, stick up for our city, and force a much-needed re-examination of the project’s best route. Please contact your council members to make your views known.

Robert Mattison

Golden Valley