Letter: Compromise? What compromise?

I read, with disbelief, the Nov. 15 Our Viewpoint editorial. The point that the board was trying to make is that there will be compromise when one party has total control of the House, Senate and governorship. To believe that, one must suspend rational thought and abandon the lessons of history.

There is no “compromise” any time one party controls all three branches of government. The majority party gets anything they wish for and the minority party gets steamrolled.

As the governor recently said, “Progress will happen. We’ll trade gridlock for progress.” DFL lawmakers and leaders said that progress may mean tax increases, property tax changes and increased school spending, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

So, I ask the editorial board: how is this compromise? I agree that there will be no gridlock. There also will be no compromises. The DFL will write the bills they want and the Governor will sign them. There will be no “Checks and Balance” here. The majority will not compromise with the minority. Why should they?

With the past acrimonious sessions in mind, I don’t see our elected officials looking out for the fiscal health of this state. I just see “paybacks” for past deeds; when the DFL wouldn’t compromise and the State government was shut down as a last ditch effort to reign in costs.

I challenge the Editorial Board to re-visit this topic in 6 to 9 months, and report exactly what “compromises” the current leadership has taken.

Wade English

New Hope

  • Stan

    The author starts his editorial with a grossly flawed premise: The three branches of the State government are controlled by one party.
    The Minnesota Supreme Court is a non-partisan body. If you want to argue that the Supreme Court is mostly picked by partisan Governors, then your premise is even more flawed: Almost all of the Justices were appointed by Republican Governors or Independence Party Governor Ventura.
    Before you launch on a tirade of invectives against the editorial board, would you please check your facts?
    One wonders if the Legislature and Governor were of the Republican Party, would the author be as willing to condemn the editorial board?