Letter: Editorial board wrong about election

To the Editor:

I just read the ECM Editorial Board’s Nov. 15 opinion piece on the elections.

The irony of the vote is that the two levies for ISD 279 were voted down, but the state legislature went to the Democrats.

The Democrats will tax and spend the voters into the poorhouse as usual. The voters do not want a better school district, but they will let the Democrats squeeze every cent from them at the state level.

The reason we in Minnesota are paying for a new Vikings stadium is Dayton owes the unions (both public and private) for his election, and this will provide jobs to them. He also owes the teachers union for the same thing.

If voters think for one moment they will not be paying somehow for schools (read higher pensions), then they need to quit drinking the Kool-Aid. ECM’s Editorial Board says we need to trust Gov. Dayton to work with all legislators regardless of political party. That is absurd, as now with a majority in both houses he can ram more taxes down our throats without consulting any Republicans.

One other note — Joe Nathan mentioned KKK members at polling places but failed to mention Black Panthers also at polling places. I guess it depends on what side of the argument you are on. He should work for the TV media as then he can do what they all do best — tell one side of the story. Just for the record — either group at a polling place is wrong.

Dave Hahn
Brooklyn Park

  • Stan

    I am not sure that I have ever met Mister Hahn, but this vitriolic editorial certainly contains numerous factual errors and jumps to a lot of conclusions.
    As a great believer in the First Amendment, you are entitled to your opinion, but not your facts or conclusions based on flawed premises.
    For example, when things turn out badly for an apparent conservative, they shoot the same boogey-man, i.e. the media. Apparently, Mister Hahn has not seen Fox News recently, a near propaganda machine for the Republican party. Mister Hahn probably still blames the media for losing the Vietnam War.
    Furthermore, no irony is obvious from the results of the defeated levy referenda in the school district and the majority of Democratic legislators. The Osseo School District only encompasses a handful of legislative districts. One should not extrapolate from the rejection of those referenda to the entire State.
    The State of Minnesota’s numerous legislative districts have varying interests in the issues that the voters of the Osseo School District face. I doubt that voters in Hallock give two hoots about the Osseo School District.
    Mister Hahn offers no evidence to support his assertion that Governor Dayton owes fealty to any union.
    Probably the most egregious leap in faith that Mister Hahn makes is that the voters in the Osseo schools do not want a better district. I, for one, want a better school district, but I am not willing to write the district a blank check to better schools in Maple Grove at the expense of schools in Brooklyn Center or Brooklyn Park. I am also unwilling to support a body that spent a large amount of resources bickering about the District’s sexual education courses rather than fixing its financial house.
    I doubt that correlation matters to Mister Hahn, but the greatest post-war economic expansion of the United States economy was under a Democratic President, i.e. President Clinton.