Letter: Can Golden Valley afford not to grow?

Golden Valley is at a crossroads. Its population has decreased every decade since 1970, with a slight increase (0.4 percent) in 2010 (Source: U.S. Census Bureau).

The decision Golden Valley is about to make regarding the D-1 option is a 100-year decision that will impact our city for decades to come. We cannot afford or sustain a “one person – one car” society, one that Golden Valley grew up on. That era is coming to a close. What will be the transportation needs of our grandchildren’s grandchildren?

This is why smart cities around the country are investing in light rail. In Los Angeles, for example, a group is fighting to get a LRT station in their neighborhood. Why? The one car – one person modal is not a sustainable model. Ultimately, it will be some mix of an intermodal form of transportation – light rail, buses, bicycles and cars. Do we really want Golden Valley left out of that mix?

Recently at a city forum on the light rail, the level of NIMBY was running high. If city leaders succumb to that mindset, Golden Valley will be doomed to be a neglected backwater in the metropolitan areas transit grid. Can Golden Valley afford to not grow and develop due to a lack of transportation alternatives?

Stephen Dent

Golden Valley