Brooklyn Park police offer burglary prevention tips from burglars

According to Brooklyn Park Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator Gerry Gibbs, police arrested burglars who committed a daytime burglary Dec. 5. Police wanted to share with the pubic some information gleaned during the interview process.

“These burglars stated that they drive around during daytime afternoons looking for a home to burglarize,” Gibbs said in a statement. “They look for a home that has large or overgrown shrubbery in front of the front door. They then send the female burglar to the door, and she knocks or rings the doorbell. If someone comes to the door, she asks for a made-up person, and when she is told that person is not there, she apologizes and leaves. However, if no one answers the door, the door is kicked in and the burglary proceeds.

“These burglars go immediately to the master bedroom and look in the closet and the dresser drawers. They are looking for money, jewelry, and guns.”

Gibbs offered the following burglary-prevention tips:

• Always lock all windows and doors whenever they leave home or are working in the yard.

• Keep trees, plants and shrubs near doors and windows trimmed so burglars can’t hide in the shadows.

• Install motion-sensitive lights around the home.

• Leave at least two lights turned on when you’re gone.

• Consider installing timer switches to trigger lights automatically.

• Leave the radio on when you’re out, or connect a radio to a timer.

• If someone knocks, let them know someone is there — if you’re not comfortable opening the door, talk through it and ask what they want.

• In Brooklyn Park, call 763-493-8277 to have a trained crime prevention specialist do a free home premise survey to help you know how to make your home a less-likely target for crime.

• Call 911 if you observe anyone or anything suspicious in your neighborhood.