Letter: Dear Sun-Post – I am not a Luddite

I am very disappointed that the Sun Post editorial board believes that opponents of the D-1 alignment are Luddites: “there is a time and a place for Luddites, but when the future success of a region is at stake, cooler heads must prevail,” from the Editorial Board editorial in the Dec. 13 Sun-Post.

I have lived in Golden Valley for 30 years and have watched bus service deteriorate slowly but steadily during that time. Recently, the head of Courage Center commented about the deterioration of service on Golden Valley Road over the years.

I’m for more and better mass transit and enjoyed the Hiawatha light rail line the couple of times I’ve been on it, but is a disruptive light rail line costing over $1 billion really the most cost effective answer to deteriorating mass transit in the metro area? I have asked both my state senator and representative why can’t we spend a few million more on improving the bus service rather than $1 billion in capital costs for a single rail line.

I have not gotten a response from one and only a snippy uninformative response from the other. Does it make me a Luddite to ask about cost effectiveness?

James Larson

Golden Valley