Letter: Bottineau D-1 alignment a bad idea

I am more convinced that the concept for light rail to go through Golden Valley with the D-1 alignment plan is a terrible and harmful concept.

It will affect the neighborhood, the community, park land, the Theodore Wirth area, the environment, pollution, increase traffic along Golden Valley road immensely, create dirt, dust and noise. It will also negatively affect home property values in the near proximity.

I am absolutely aghast and against the 7.5 minute intervals of the train passing through. That is horrendous. Why in the world would there be a need to travel every 7.5 minutes? What is the study of population statistics for the need in the immediate area? The station that is proposed beneath the fire station would serve a very small amount of people in that section of Golden Valley, because it is a little sliver of land. But the noise, pollution, environmental destruction, and the property value decline affects would be absolutely terrible.

We are absolutely against having light rail in this section of Golden Valley on D-1. If D-2 (editor’s note: D-2 is an alternative alignment) is not an option because of North Memorial, then re-draw the concept. The D-1 alignment is absolutely not an option. Destroying neighborhoods for the purpose of the almighty transportation is obscene! This is not progress – it is regression and destruction.

Golden Valley is wonderful for its convenience, cleanliness, lovely solitude, safe havens and lovely neighborhoods. Do not destroy our neighborhoods and home values by this boondoggle. Do not ram through this harmful idea.

Bernie Milstein

Golden Valley

  • Paul

    Why do we even need this spend that money alot of money.Time to wake up people we do not need this it’s a real bad idea.And will cost millions and millions and do we have the money NO!!!!The feds and the state have no money.We barrow .40 of each dollar the feds spend.The state has no money it is short by a billion dollars and our kids owe for the feds out of control spending and will owe it for many years to come.What have we did to our kids we left our kids needing to pay.Each person in the USA owes $50,000 today and only going higher.Stop the mad mad spending do it for our kids.