Letter: Transit vote represents lack of representation

Now that the city of Golden Valley has voted in favor of putting LRT through our township, it has become abundantly clear that Mayor Shep Harris and Council Members Joanie Clausen and Mike Freiberg have abandoned any notion of representational government.

When Harris first ran for mayor, a major tenet of his platform was “citizen engagement.” He has demonstrated that this is patently false. All three members have kowtowed to Hennepin County Commissioner Mike Opat. Remember how he stuck Hennepin County residents with higher taxes for the Twins stadium and no public input? This is the same model that Harris and the Golden Valley City Council have adopted.

In essence what they have done is throw Golden Valley under the bus so as to appease other cities. Let’s be clear: this will in no way benefit Golden Valley. The LRT will adversely affect many Golden Valley residents and ruin a pristine part of our city.

I can only surmise how this development will benefit Harris and Freiberg in advancing their political careers. As for Clausen, she has demonstrated a shallow depth of empathy and understanding as to how all this will negatively impact our community.

At this point, the only recourse the residents of Golden Valley have is to wait for the next election. Unfortunately, the damage will already be done. Harris and his cronies have bitten off more than they can chew; this is an issue that will not fade with time.

Glenn McKillips

Golden Valley