Notice anything new about your Sun Post?

Notice anything different about your Sun edition this week?
Since you are now on page 4, we hope you realize you are reading a totally revamped Sun Newspaper. We’ve moved from the smaller, tabloid-sized publication to a broadsheet-sized paper, and we’ve redesigned each edition with a fresh, modern look.
Extensive planning, collaborating and innovating have been going on behind the scenes. Editors, managers at all levels, advertising sales professionals, accounting staff and graphic designers have been working tirelessly the past few months to create the product you are now holding in your hands.
Graphic designers and photographers know the larger open space gives them a better opportunity to display excellent photos and art.
Editors and reporters believe the bigger page gives more options to present important news stories.
The changes are equally important to businesses that use our pages to reach you – their potential customers. Larger pages offer the opportunity to do a really big promotion for a grand opening or a special sale. Yet the pages also provide many variations for the small business to get noticed at a price it can afford.
There’s a practical reason, too. Our publications are now the same physical dimensions as the other newspapers in our Sun family, as well as within ECM Publishers, our parent company. Conformity in size creates efficiencies on the press. It also makes it easier for us to help a business customer reach multiple locations across the region with one advertisement. Buy an ad in one edition or in all 51 newspapers – we can do that for you.
Most importantly, this new canvas gives us expanded opportunities to deliver local news to your doorstep every week. We continue to tell you what your city council or school board has decided, which team won the weekend tournament, and which student just won a national award. If you like what you see or have suggestions for continued improvement, let us know. We truly appreciate your feedback.
This change is a long-term commitment to our customers and signifies an investment in our future. Your community Sun Newspaper intends to be around for a long, long time.
Now please, read on ….