Letter: Home care workers should be able to unionize

To the Editor:

My husband and I have three sons. Two have development disabilities, one with severe autism and delay. Our two sons need a lot of support with basic skills such as using the toilet, eating and hygiene. Our 12-year-old is nonverbal and has problem behaviors such as aggression, destruction of property and vomiting.

We’re fortunate to have home care workers to help us care for our sons. The most basic daily activities would be impossible without them. They need to have an incredible amount of patience, plus the skills needed to help decrease problem behaviors. Without these workers, our children might have to live away from home.

Growing up, I watched my mother make the decision to send my brother to a place outside our home due to the high level of care he needed. Home care workers allow family members not to make the decision that I watched my mother go through.

I stand with home care workers who want the same rights as other workers to form a union. They need to be treated fairly by the state; otherwise we’ll run out of people to do this work. Keeping family members at home and out of expensive institutions is good for my family and for taxpayers.

Stand together now with home care workers and their right to form a union.

Rochelle Turan
Brooklyn Park