Letter: Senior citizens efforts

To the editor:
In response to the recent criticism of the burdens of the elderly in this country as mentioned on Minnesota Public Radio 91.1 radio by a person from the Brookings Institution, it seems a little enlightenment is needed by those who have acquired the benefits of the efforts provided by the now seniors.
The following amenities were made available by the previous generation’s efforts. This list is not all inclusive, but a reminder that some “things” which are taken as today’s needs were not available for the previous generation.
They are:
• Freedom to choose a lifestyle desired
• Indoor plumbing including hot and cold running water, indoor toilets (instead of outhouses), bath tubs and showers that are indoors
• Homes with privacy required as wanted
• Refrigerators and freezers that did not require ice blocks
• Washing machines that do not have to be operated manually
• Electronic clothes dryers so clothes do not have to be dried outside
• Dishwashers
• The credit card industry
• Food stamp and other “welfare” type programs
• Medical insurance industry previously for the affluent and not the everyday person
• Bus transportation to and from most schools
• Compensation for labor did not include pensions, vacation or sick leave
• Computers were not in use for the majority of people and businesses
• One last items is paper products such as toilet tissue and “Kleenex.”
Penny Lane
Brooklyn Center