Editor writes final column, is vaguely self-serving, sanctimonius


Dan Callahan
Dan Callahan

I wish there was an easy way to put emotions into words without sounding melodramatic.

The fact of the matter is I haven’t had so much trouble getting words onto the page as this column since I was hammering out lines of text for my high school newspaper. In the past hour or so, I’ve started, abandoned, restarted and trashed too many iterations of this column.

Eloquence escapes me; I’ll simply be blunt. This will be my final column as managing editor with Sun Newspapers. I have accepted a position elsewhere doing other things and within a few days of your reading of this column, my desk will be cleaned out and ready for whoever my superiors find to take my place.

As of this writing, it will has been 669 days since I first walked through the doors of Sun Newspapers. That’s roughly 16,056 hours, give or take, that I have dedicated to the successful and timely publication of the Sun Post.  That’s nearly 100 weekly editions – 96 if we’re going to be precise (or is it 97?) – that I’ve had my hands on over the last few years. That’s, well, a lot of time.

The word bittersweet comes to mind. I will be leaving the newsroom and the many friends and colleagues I have worked with over the last two years. I will be leaving behind the projects I have worked on from start to completion and too many projects that have yet to reach either of those points. My drive to work will change. My daily and weekly routine is out the window and I am not sure exactly how my dog is going to react to me being home before it gets dark most days. But there will be new projects, a new routine and Huckleberry is an adaptable chap.

I am a writer, a communicator in various forms, and have been for years. This is what I do. Some might say I do it well. Other might disagree. Regardless, the fact remains.

I will continue to write, communicate, to pester the world with my thoughts, opinions and everything else that comes from stringing one word after another. You may even see my byline in these pages again one day.

That’s a comforting thought amidst all this change. I feel as though I have developed a relationship with the platonic “reader” during my time here. In essence, you are all included any time I, in a rather contrived fashion, refer to “my dear reader.” And I’m going to miss you. It may come as some surprise to my colleagues, but I honestly believe I will miss the phone calls (yes, even the angry ones) and emails and letters I sift through on a daily basis.

With that in mind, I’ll close out with one last request of you: Remember, you are your community. You, each and every one of you, exist as part of your community and interact with your community. Just remember that and keep moving forward. Work together. Remember your neighbors are your neighbors. Your communities have everything in them to continue at the high level of successful amicability that you already enjoy. And the journalists that produce this newspaper will continue to cover it.

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