Rep. Hortman named to leadership roles

Melissa Hortman mug shot
Melissa Hortman

State Rep. Melissa Hortman, DFL-Brooklyn Park, was named chair of the House Energy Policy Committee and speaker pro tempore for the 2013-14 legislative session by House Speaker Paul Thissen.

“I am honored to serve the residents of Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids in the Minnesota House for the next two years,” Hortman said. “I am looking forward to getting to work on a balanced and responsible budget for Minnesota. As chair of the Energy Committee, I will be looking at ways we can make energy affordable, sustainable and reliable for the short and long term.”

Hortman expects the committee to take up the issues of distributed generation, solar energy and the state’s progress toward its renewable energy goals.

As speaker pro tempore, Hortman will serve as the House’s presiding officer when Thissen is absent.

Hortman represents House District 36B, which includes Brooklyn Park north of 85th Avenue and part of Coon Rapids. She can be reached at [email protected] or 651-296-4280.

  • Resident

    When Hortman says she wants a “balanced and responsible budget”, that’s code for “I want to tax the h*ll out of you”.

    Hortman has been responsible for introducing dozens of new or increased taxes. She desperately wants to increase taxes on not only the “rich” but you no matter your place in life. She hates cars so much, and the poor people who drive those without good gas mileage, that she’s wanting to double and triple the gax tax. She also wants to bring Californias massively repressive regulations and fees to Minnesota.

    Hortman does not represent you, she represents those that would take more money from you.