Freedom Rider singer at 281 schools, Feb. 22

Freedom Rider and vocalist Bettie Mae Fikes will perform a spoken word and singing presentation 6-8 p.m. at Forest Elementary, 6800 47th Avenue in Crystal.
As part of the Freedom Riders, Fikes is a celebrated icon of the ‘60s Civil Rights movement. Over the course of six month in 1961, the Freedom Riders formed a group of 400 black and white Americans who traveled together on buses and trains, violating Jim Crow laws across the Deep South.
Fikes will perform at several District 281 schools prior to her performance at Forest.
“I travel around the country trying to deliver the message that my grandmother passed to me; ‘I am too strong to be broken down,’” Fikes said. “All I can say is we know where we’ve been, but we don’t know where we’re going.”
Fikes has performed on numerous stages including Carnegie Hall, the Library of Congress and several blues festivals.
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