North Memorial Ambulance Services numbers down from 2011

Chances are, if you are in need of medical help from North Memorial, an ambulance will reach you in just under five minutes.

During the Feb. 5 Robbinsdale City Council meeting, Mike Oliverius, operations manager at North Memorial Ambulance Services, gave an update on the services that residents receive from the Robbinsdale based hospital and clinic.

“Our average response time to calls is 4.9 minutes,” Oliverius told the council. “We are able to come up with this response time because of the location of the hospital and we have 14 ambulances on at peak times. We are constantly moving to fulfill gaps and bring trucks in to fill the perimeters.”

“4.9 minutes is an impressive response time,” Mayor Regan Murphy said. “It’s definitely a benefit for us.”

In 2012, North Memorial Ambulance Services received 1,678 calls, a number that is slightly lower than 2011.. Of those calls, 11 percent were for a sick person, 8 percent for troubled breathing, 7.2 percent for heart problems and 5 percent for pyschological calls.

Oliverius said that ambulance calls to Robbinsdale residents peak from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and tend to be quiet after midnight. The busiest call time is Thursday, and the quietest time is Saturday.

“One of things is we do not receive tax dollars for government subsidies to provide this service,” Oliverius said.

Though the hospital may see setbacks, Oliverius said that the ambulance service will not be affected.

“We are in the process of adding jobs,” he said. “The last two months, we have been extremely busy and have had records set. We’ve seen our volumes rise and we can’t explain it but we are expanding.”

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