Ode to the City of Crystal

To the editor,

I grew up in northeast Minneapolis and have since moved back. I lived in Crystal for 24 years, since my two kids were babies.

Having worked at both Crystal City Hall and the Community Center, I learned a lot about my city and its residents. Through Parks and Recreation programs, our family met many people whom are still our lifelong friends. The kids learned to swim at the Crystal Pool, played T-ball and little league and participated in Crystal Children’s Theater.

My bond to this community is strong. I enjoyed being active in the community in various ways, including being a block leader for Minnesota Night to Unite and serving on the Crystal Frolics Committee.

Things I will miss include Crystal Shopping Center, restaurants, driving on Highway 81 and Highway 100. I will hold on to memories of long Christmas lines at the Crystal Post Office and Hackenmueller Meats. I will miss the Sun Post Newspaper and Cable 12 TV – thank goodness for the internet.

I will return to Crystal for many things. I cannot just leave and never come back.  Too much of my life is there.

My wish is to say a few things. Become active in and care about your community. Get your kids into Parks and Recreation Programs. You will meet great people and the kids will make good friends.

I want to thank the City of Crystal staff, elected officials, police department and the West Metro Fire Department for your great service all these years. Hats off to you!

With that, I bid adieu to the great little city of Crystal. You will always be in my heart.

Cindy Stoewer