Letter: A glimpse of Garden City Elementary School

To the editor:

Have you ever thought about going to a good school, a school that cares about you? Well, in my opinion, I think Garden City Elementary is a great school to attend. Some reasons Garden City is a great school are because the teachers are helpful, the principal is nice and the students are very kind.
Garden City is a good school because the teachers that work here are very helpful. They will help you with your fluency. They will also help you with reading, math and other subjects. When you feel like giving up the teachers at this school will encourage you.
Another reason I think Garden City is a great school is because the principal at Garden City is very funny and super nice. He smiles at everybody when he walks down the hallway. He has millions of funny looking ties he wears to school. He is wonderful because he came to the fifth-grade concert.
Last but not least, I think Garden City is a great school because the students are very kind. They’re always willing to help others when they need it. They’re very respectful to subs and new students as well.
You may think other schools are much better than Garden City, but this school is a fun and caring school. These are reasons, without a doubt, Garden City is a very nice school to go to.

Blessed Thomas
Brooklyn Center

Editor’s note: Blessed Thomas is in fifth grade at Garden City Elementary School in Brooklyn Center. She wrote this letter as part of the school’s writer’s workshop focusing on opinion pieces and essays and chose to share it with Sun-Post readers.