Letter: I saw one!

I live across the street from Willow Lane Park in Brooklyn Center and, about a month ago, I saw one kid playing hockey alone on the rink.
They were the only person I have seen use the park rink all winter. We have lived across from the park for about 28 years now and the park rink goes unused most of the time, which is a shame.
When we moved into our home the park was alive with winter activities like hockey games and bar or church league broomball games. Now it stands with lights burning and ice recoated without being used. There used to be a warming house there where kids could put on their ice skates but it burned down many years ago and has never been replaced.
In a time when city budgets are as tight as they can be I just do not understand why this or any park in Brooklyn Center is being left open for use, especially if it is not going to be updated for use or promoted by the city in some way.
Why not get a winter festival or some hockey or broomball leagues started?
Times have changed a lot since I grew up in South Minneapolis and spent my time every day after school on the ice at Powderhorn Park. Now kids just have too many “warm” inside activities like playing on the Internet.
This is understandable and no fault of the city of Brooklyn Center, but let’s get with the times and promote our parks and the great work the city crews do at keeping them up or shut them down and stop wasting tax dollars!

Steve Andrusko
Brooklyn Center