Free kits save knocked-out teeth

Area high schools and sports organizations will receive kits this spring that give athletes a better chance of saving a tooth after it is knocked out during play.
Park Dental, which has several locations in the Twin Cities, is donating the Save-A-Tooth kits, which come with a protective case and a salt solution that preserves the tooth until it can be replanted.
Efforts to save knocked-out teeth are often unsuccessful, according to John Gulon, president of Park Dental.
“The tooth root tissue begins to die within 15 minutes if proper steps aren’t taken,” he said. “We often have patients bring in teeth soaking in milk or sitting in a pocket, neither of which help keep the tooth clean or the roots preserved for replantation. Park Dental’s goal is to get Save-A-Tooth kits in every youth athletic trainer’s bag in the Twin Cities so that the tooth or teeth arrive at the dentist in the best possible condition.”
Schools and youth organizations can receive the kits for free by contacting their local Park Dental office. Park Dental employees are also available to drop the kits off, give demonstrations and answer questions.