Letter: Schmidgall gains resident support

To the Editor:

In November Golden Valley residents have a unique opportunity to elect three new city council members.

I would like to thank our outgoing city council members for their service to Golden Valley and its citizens; I appreciate everything they have done for us.

With this election I have an opportunity to look to the future of Golden Valley with excitement.

There are many new and exciting transitions our city will be a part of whether it is development, light rail, or new housing.

One person I feel will be our advocate for these transitions will be Steve Schmidgall.

I have known Steve personally for over 25 years and worked with him on many volunteer opportunities in the Parent Teacher Student Association at Neill Elementary and Parent Teacher Student Organization at Sandburg Middle School where he was treasurer.

He has devoted his time to Golden Valley Girls Softball, District 281 Finance Committee, the City of Golden Valley Planning Commission and has been serving as a Golden Valley City Council member since January.

During the Great Recession, he too suffered a job loss like many, all the while continuing to devote his time to our city.

Steve is diligent about learning the facts of any proposed project presented to the City Council and Planning Commission to determine how it will best serve the citizens of Golden Valley.

When Applewood Pointe wanted to build a senior co-op in the city, Steve voted not to allow the project because the proposed location site was not suitable for such a large scale project.

We all have an opinion on what direction our city should go, what we need is someone to hear our opinion and do what they feel will benefit all the citizens of Golden Valley.

Steve Schmidgall will provide the citizens of Golden Valley the patience, thoughtful decision making, honesty and fairness that will continue to make us a great community and city we are proud to live in.

Roxanne Sienko, 

Golden Valley