Letter: Andy Schuler for Golden Valley City Council

To the editor:
Andy Schuler offers the people of Golden Valley a candidate that has a practical vision for our city.
He not only has great policies and is a good listener, but he deeply cares about the long-term health and strength of the city he was raised in.
Schuler would protect Theodore Wirth Parkway from the light rail park-and-ride, seeking to reroute the path of the train to an already paved area and avoid development in a vital green space.
He wants to establish a more accurate way to measure our city’s economy by using the Genuine Progress Indicator.
He also wants a more accurate way to measure the will of the voters by changing the way we vote the city council into office using a proportional/choice voting method.
As an artist, Schuler understands the need to strengthen and expand artistic opportunity in Golden Valley, adding to our overall value.
Learn more about him at voteschuler.org and vote Schuler for council on Nov. 3.

Ken Pentel,
Golden Valley