Letter: Andy Schuler is the future of Golden Valley

To the editor:

Our election is drawing near and we have had the opportunity to listen to and meet the candidates running for Golden Valley City Council.

At the ‘Meet the Candidate Forum,’ sponsored by the Golden Valley League of Women Voters, we heard many references as to how best to serve the current residents of Golden Valley while also creating an environment that will attract a younger demographic as well. 

Andy Schuler is that demographic. 

He is energetic, informed, was born and raised in Golden Valley and attended our local schools.

He is forward thinking. He embraces new and exciting economic and environmental concepts while having respect for the history and charm of our unique city.

He embraces individuals’ desire for sustainability on a personal level and knows we could and should do more as a community. 

Voting for Schuler for city council on Nov. 3 will ensure that Golden Valley is in the forefront of new and creative ideas and will help to make our city an even more respected and desirable place to live.

John and Susan Fitze,
Golden Valley

  • Thank you, John and Susan, for your kind words and support.