Letter: Support Amy Hanson for city council

To the editor:

While other candidates for Brooklyn Park City Council may talk about what should be done, what they would do, or, this is what he/she will change … Amy Hanson has been doing it. And she has been doing it for years to the benefit of Brooklyn Park citizens.

Amy stepped up to help local Brooklyn Park veterans several years ago when she took it upon herself to chair our Brooklyn Park Beyond the Yellow Ribbon chapter.

She reached out to leaders and groups and rounded up others who could help her bring this program to our city by reaching out to police, fire, veterans organizations, the Elks, the mayor and council as well as churches, civic leaders, and businesses.

She and her team started the dialogue and changed how veterans in need are provided community care right here in our town.

We’ve seen Amy Hanson take charge, ask tough questions and communicate effectively for the betterment of Brooklyn Park. We urge citizens of the West District to get her elected to our city council.

Tom and Connie Heinrich
Brooklyn Park