Robbinsdale Council approves final plat of mall property for Hy-Vee project

Approval enables legal descriptions, deed transfer for grocery store development

by Laci Gagliano
Sun Post Newspapers

The Robbinsdale City Council approved a final plat for the upcoming Hy-Vee grocery store development at a Nov. 22 special meeting, enabling a deed transfer between North Memorial and Hy-Vee for the grocery’s parking lot as well as creating legal descriptions that facilitate county approval of several elements of the development on the Robbinsdale Mall parcel at County Road 81 and 36th Avenue North.
The meeting had originally been scheduled for Oct. 25, but was postponed because more time was needed to finalize agreements and create legal descriptions for the county, according to city officials.
Several updates to the plat have been provided, such as county approval and transference of deeds to the city for a new County Road 81 right-of-way involved with the development, including construction and maintenance responsibilities. The city has also reached a subdivision agreement with developers, which transfers responsibility for ongoing maintenance of traffic semaphores and any other costs related to the new intersection to Hy-Vee and Inland Developers.
New developments often shift property borders, and the final plat defines several new borders within the Robbinsdale Mall area, helping to correct some discrepancies that were once present on the property, according to Robbinsdale city planner Rick Pearson.
“Before the development, the property was strangely distributed,” Pearson said. “For example, the grocery store is kind of in the middle, but all the parking in front of it was owned by North Memorial. So some of those more unusual things are going to be straightened out – the parking in front of Hy-Vee is going to be owned by Hy-Vee.”
The approvals also provide finalizations of the transference of expenses associated with the subdivision agreement and neighboring driveway easement agreements to Hy-Vee and its developers, as well as the maintenance of any public access lands and sidewalks.
Construction of the Hy-Vee store is anticipated to start immediately in the spring, with a possible opening in late fall or early in 2018, according to earlier statements by city officials.

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