Brooklyn Center Police respond to Highway 100 bridge fall

Brooklyn Center Police responded to a scary situation yesterday afternoon that  involved an individual falling off the 57th Avenue bridge onto the freeway below.

According to BCPD Cmdr. Rick Gabler, officers responded to a call about a possible jumper on the 57th Avenue bridge above Highway 100 around 4:52 p.m. on Feb. 20. Per Gabler, the individual was an adult female that was hanging off the bridge when officers arrived. The woman then fell from the bridge to the freeway.

Highway 100 was briefly shut down during the incident, with at least one passerby reportedly attempting to help the woman.

“A passerby had a work truck with a ladder, (and) was trying to help her,” said Gabler. “None of his actions contributed to her falling. I think he was just trying to help.”

The woman survived her fall, and was transported to a nearby medical facility to treat non-life-threatening injuries. Gabler said that no criminal charges would be levied against her, but he was unsure about the woman’s motivations and whether or not it was a suicide attempt.

“I’m not exactly sure what her intentions were,” said Gabler. “The behavior sounds suicidal, but I don’t know what the exact issues with her were.”

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