Man charged with felony gun possession in relation to Brooklyn Center motel death

A Brooklyn Park man has been arrested with gun possession in relation to the Feb. 11 shooting death of a woman in a Brooklyn Center motel room.

Cedric Lamar Smith, Jr., 20, was charged by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office with one felony count of a firearm in possession of a felon on Thursday, Feb. 23, a charge that was reportedly in connection with the Feb. 11 death of 18-year-old Allie Campbell at the Quality Inn of Brooklyn Center. Per the criminal complaint, Smith was in possession of a handgun that later went off and killed Campbell, a St. Cloud resident.

According to the complaint, Brooklyn Center Police arrived at the hotel at 8:45 p.m. on Feb. 11 on the report of a person lying unconscious on the floor of a motel room. Upon reaching Room 225 of the motel, officers found the body of Campbell lying in a large pool of blood, seemingly coming from her head. Campbell was later declared deceased. Officers also reported seeing blood all over the bathroom floor, toilet and tub, as well as on the bathroom doorway. Police reportedly recovered a .40 caliber bullet shell on the floor, as well as a number of vacuum seal bags with marijuana residue, a 15 gram bag of marijuana, and one scale.

Per the complaint, officers reviewed motel video surveillance that showed Campbell and Smith enter the motel’s front entrance and through the lobby at 8:17 p.m. The video then showed Smith and two suspects quickly exiting via a stairwell across from Room 225 at 8:30 p.m., and then leave the stairwell out of the building. Officers uncovered blood in the stairwell. Motel guests interviewed by police said they heard a loud bang consistent with a gun shot between 8-8:30 p.m. Witness testimony eventually led to police encountering six suspects, including Smith, after two separate traffic stops.

One of the suspects told officers that he was selling marijuana in Room 225 of the hotel, and that Smith took the first suspect’s car to pick up Campbell, who reportedly was one of Smith’s girlfriends, and returned to Room 225. Smith allegedly told the suspect that he was “going to get laid” in the bathroom, and the suspect said that he later heard a loud thud. Smith then ran out to the first suspect, telling him that they needed to leave. The suspect reportedly saw Campbell on the floor and checked her pulse, after which Smith told him that the suspect was an accomplice to murder.

The complaint continues by saying that the suspect saw Smith with a large clip to a handgun. The suspect said that he grabbed his marijuana, put it in a bag, told his girlfriend– another suspect– to take the money, and both then left the motel room with Smith. The first suspect later called a third suspect and told him what happened, suggesting that Smith and Campbell liked to play around, and that the gun likely went off by accident in the bathroom. Smith reportedly admitted to the first suspect that it was an accident.

The first suspect’s girlfriend told police that Smith got rid of the gun somewhere by the trees where they left their car they used after leaving the motel. Smith declined to give a statement to police, but while being transported in a squad car with a fourth suspect, the car’s recording device recorded their conversation, where Smith said that he told Campbell to not play with the gun. Smith continued by saying that Campbell said something, followed by Smith jumping at her, which led to the gun going off. Smith was reportedly recorded telling the fourth suspect that they had to stick to the same story: specifically, that Campbell had the gun, was inebriated, held the gun to her chin, with Smith then lunging towards her at the same time.

Recorded jail calls between Smith and his mother also revealed that he was not supposed to be around guns, and that he was on probation. Smith’s criminal background revealed that he was barred from being in possession of a firearm after a felony assault conviction last September.

No court date for Smith has been set as of this writing, nor was there any information on the status of the five other suspects that were released pending further investigation. A conviction for Smith’s felony charge could see a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

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