UPDATE: Man arrested after allegedly engaging in ‘sex acts’ with student named

By Megan Hopps
Sun Press Newspapers

David Manito, 42, of New Hope was arrested Wednesday at Champlin Park High School for allegedly engaging in sex acts with an adult student. Authorities believe the Manito entered the school around noon and had pre-arranged the sexual encounter with the student. In a statement released by Champlin Park Principal Mike George, the man violated the school’s safety procedures when entering the school. To enter Champlin Park High School visitors are required to enter Door E3. During school hours, all visitors must swipe their drivers license, check-in at the visitors desk and note who they are visiting and for what reason.
According to Brooklyn Park Police the two “met in a bathroom and are believed to have engaged in sexual acts.”
The incident was reported by other students to school staff.
“School administration and security personnel were able to apprehend the suspect and law enforcement took him into custody,” Principal George said in a statement. “Our school is continuing to cooperate with the law enforcement investigation.”
George added that because of this incident, the school is also conducting their own investigation and reviewing its safety procedures.
It is not yet known how the man entered the school. The man’s name has not yet been released. He is currently being detained by Brooklyn Park Police on a criminal sexual misconduct charge.


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