Letter: Keeping in touch with elected officials

To the Editor:
Much has been in the news lately regarding town hall meetings by members of Congress.
I have always kept in touch with my congressional, legislative, city and county representatives. Keeping informed has always been a challenge when it comes to the political process. Over the years, the one person who stood out was Paul Wellstone. Whenever I contacted him in regard to an issue in the Congress, he always responded promptly. He was especially prompt when the issue at hand was something that was dear to him, and I disagreed with it, which was often the case.
My State Representative in the Minnesota House, Melissa Hortman, has also been one to respond to my questions and opinions. If Wellstone is the standard at 100 percent, then Hortman would score at about 98 percent.
I am totally in agreement with my fellow Third District voters’ frustration with Eric Paulsen and his unwillingness to face the voters. I get his occasional telephone calls, always unannounced and unexpected, telling me how swell things are going in D.C. But at least he keeps in touch, even though it is at arm’s length.
For the life of me, I cannot understand Sen. John A. Hoffman of District 36. In the four years that he has represented my district, he has never responded to a single email from me. Even at the last State Fair, I left a message at the Minnesota Senate Booth for him, and, again, received no reply.
My last email asked if he could explain why Minnesota is one of about 12 states that enforces parental rights for rapists. A law I thought worth challenging. His response? Nothing.
I cannot understand why any elected official would choose to frustrate voters by ignoring or avoiding them. Like him or not. Popular or not. Paul Wellstone never did.

Thomas St. Martin
Brooklyn Park