New Hope waits on Golden Valley’s flood mitigation efforts

New Hope will forgo a storm water project at Rosalyn Court due to flood mitigation efforts occurring at the Liberty Crossing development in Golden Valley.
City staff members presented a feasibility study at the March 27 New Hope City Council meeting about a potential project to install underground storm water storage below the parking lots of the Rosalyn Court Condos.
When staff members discovered the Liberty Crossing housing redevelopment included flood mitigation efforts that would benefit Medicine Lake Road and Winnetka Avenue, an area prone to flooding, they recommended the storage project be postponed.
“It’s really not worthwhile for us to do the improvements right now,” said City Manager Kirk McDonald. “It wouldn’t be that much of a benefit until we’re done further south in Golden Valley.”
The feasibility study was adopted as a guideline for a potential future project.
The cities of New Hope, Golden Valley and Crystal also have a joint agreement to seek flood mitigation funding from the state, Hennepin County, the Department of Natural Resources and the Bassett Creek Watershed for flood mitigation projects. Golden Valley will be the first recipient of any outside funding because the city has the biggest need for improvement.
The cities have experienced flooding near Medicine Lake Road and Winnetka Avenue for decades due to the nearby DeCola Ponds, part of the Bassett Creek Watershed.
Heavy rainfall has caused road closures and property damage.
In an effort to minimize such incidents and damage, leaders from the three communities discussed in May 2016 a possible joint powers agreement for flood mitigation.
The cities agreed a cooperative resolution, where each city considered flood reduction projects in their own community, was preferred.
The flood mitigation study found that the best way for New Hope to mitigate flooding in the area was to acquire and demolish a 12-unit condo building at Rosalyn Court and construct a storm water pond.
As a result, New Hope would lose a portion of its tax base and incur relocation expenses for the residents of the building.
City staff members requested the city engineer and public works department present alternatives to the plan. The underground storage tanks were the alternative recommended.
The Liberty Crossing project includes an above ground pre-treatment and filtration basin and underground storm water storage. In addition, Crystal plans to expand the storm water drainage at Yunker Park this year.

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