Brooklyn Park Planning Commission recommends approval of new hotel plat, permit

The Brooklyn Park Planing Commission unanimously recommended the approval of a conditional-use permit and plat for a Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites at 5691 96th Ave. N. at its April 12 meeting.
The proposal, which was brought to the city by West Real Estate, is for a four-story, 100-room hotel with select services such as breakfast, a fitness center and a swimming pool.
Tom Noble, president of West Real Estate, said the hotel’s intended market will be for short-term, corporate stays.
“I can assure you that the Marriott product is top of the line stuff. This is not a budget hotel by any stretch of the imagination,” Noble said. “It’s intended to be an upper-middle market select service hotel, so everything about this is going to be done with the highest quality.
“As hotel developers, or developers in general, we need to meet what we perceive is the quality aspect of what you’re trying to accomplish with your development with what we perceive is efficient in the marketplace,” Noble added. “So, I mean there’s always a balancing act. So, in this case, after looking at the top brands that were available, this was … the best way to achieve an efficient outcome. Full-service hotels in today’s world are a different animal.”
The approximately 2-acre site is part of the larger 610 Crossings development. The 610 Crossings master plan did not identify a building in this exact location. A larger hotel or office site was shown in the plan approximately 200 feet south of the site along the Highway 610 off-ramp.
“I’m rather pleased to see that this is a brand new Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriot,” said Commissioner Amy Hanson. “I am a meeting planner, and I support a vice president and several directors at a company, and we have a location out of state and they ask to stay at the brand new Fairfield Inn and Suites every time they travel,” Hanson said.
The hotel would be constructed with two styles of fiber cement siding, exterior insulation and finishing systems and stone. The front entryway will be covered with a stone and metal canopy.

A digital rendering of the Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites proposed at 5691 96th Ave. N. (Submitted graphic)
A digital rendering of the Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites proposed at 5691 96th Ave. N. (Submitted graphic)

The property is accessed form 96th Avenue. Parking ratios for the parking lot are one space per room.
No drainage basins are proposed on the site. Rather, a new drainage basin will be constructed at the southeast corner of the 610 Crossings site near the Wickford Village subdivisions.
Utilities for the site are provided under 96th Avenue.
Opus, the property owner, has been working with the city to develop properties in the 610 Crossing area and the nearby Park Place Promenade and Oxbow Commons.
The proposal meets the city’s standard for trees, shrubs and other landscaping. Large shrubs such as dogwood are being recommended for installation to better screen the development from 96th Avenue. Replacement of the chain-link fence installed by MnDOT during Highway 610 construction is also recommended.
The site is currently zoned Town Center.
Park dedication will be collected with the plat.
Roan Bollard, a resident who lives nearby, said she and her neighbors are worried about the increase in traffic and noise that could be the result of new development.
“Our property values are just now starting to go back up and putting all of those things in that area, is concerning … if we have a hotel that was a different level of a hotel, when I look at prices, its like, $80 to $100 per night, so it’s going to be something that’s not necessarily going to drive the type of traffic that I’d like to see,” Bollard said.
A second hearing for the proposal is scheduled to go before the city council on April 24.

  • Burton Anderson

    So this is off the Zane exit by Kwik Trip, right? There are vacant lots by all three exits off 610 and the article doesn’t specify.

    • Dvdvdvd

      Nope, this hotel is by Holiday gas station on Broadway by 610. Between Zane and Regent north of 93rd you are getting more housing.

  • Dvdvdvd

    BP is the dumbest city in the metro. BP amps up 610 but does nothing with it. Grocery stores across from each other on Zane.. (REAL SMART PLANNING) … Housing, Doggie daycare, McDonalds, and countless single story somethings all the way down the road. I thought Lunde back when may be able to figure things out, but it is still the same old BP Can’t get retail for whatever reasons I don’t know. I’m done paying property taxes like I live in Maple Grove and have no retail or restaurants that are worthwhile. BP is a big city (Population approaching Bloomington) suburb that operates like it is Robbinsdale; but Robbinsdale has more retail and restaurants per capita sadly. Lunde, where is the retail, where are the restaurants? Time to sell… a train paid for by the government does not make a city. Maple Grove kind of winked and nodded and said thank you when the train plan went to BP. Now a hotel that doesn’t fit…. Oye… who would want to stay at a hotel with everything around it a one level manufacturing facility? Go to Holiday gas station and get some licorice I guess? So sad.