Shingle Creek Clean-Up Open House coming April 22

Residents hoping to help participate in the annual clean-up of Shingle Creek in Brooklyn Center will get their chance with a special open house event.

On Saturday, April 22, the Brooklyn Center Public Works Maintenance Facility will host an open house for the 16th annual Great Shingle Creek Clean-Up, where residents will be able to tour the facility, look at the building’s equipment and vehicles and visit booths offering information about protecting local water resources. The open house caps off the week-long clean-up of the creek.

At the same time of the open house, participants can assist in collecting trash built up in and around Brooklyn Center’s 2.5 mile-stretch of Shingle Creek.

“There’s going to be a booth with the forester about the emerald ash-borer and things like that,” said Public Works Technician Renee Anderson. “We get some things from pollution control and the Hennepin Recycling Group. They’ll have some information there. We’ll also have a pollinator puppet show, which we had last year, and it was really popular with the kids. It was talking about the importance of maintaining pollinators.”

The event, which runs 8 a.m. to noon, will have a free kickoff breakfast of bagels and coffee, and the open house will also provide free secure paper shredding for those seeking to properly dispose of sensitive documents. Those interested in helping with the clean-up will be provided bags and gloves. Maps will help direct volunteers as to where to clean up refuse.

“We’re backing right up to Palmer Lake, and we’re right on the trail, so that is easy for people to get safely onto the trailways to start doing their cleanup,” said Anderson. “We have maps, and we’ll get the park supervisor to give us some locations that are desperately in need that are reasonably within walking distance. We have a map to help direct them to areas if they want to.”

The Shingle Creek Clean-Up in 2016 saw the recovery of more than 100 bags of trash by 75 volunteers.

“Last year, we got a bike out of the creek. We got a mattress,” said Anderson. “It’s amazing what people can hide in the woods.”

No registration is required to attend the open house, which is free to attend.

“It’s first-come, first-serve as far as anyone that wants to come. We welcome them to come,” said Anderson. “We’ll always have enough bags, and the grabbers go quickly.”

The Brooklyn Center Public Works Maintenance Facility is located at 6844 Shingle Creek Pkwy. in Brooklyn Center.

For more information on the Great Shingle Creek Clean-Up, call 763-585-7100.

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