Letter: Turning Brooklyn Park into a sanctuary city

To the Editor:
In regards to the article in the Sun Post on April 6, 2017 entitled “Resolution approved in support of immigrants, refugees, Muslims,” approving the tabled resolution from a month earlier, I have no problem allowing people in these classifications to settle in Brooklyn Park, if they are vetted by the US Government, take a pledge to adhere to our laws, apply for citizenship and learn the English language.
Councilmember Susan Pha said she brought the resolution to the council after she found her daughter crying and afraid that her family or friends would be deported. Maybe she should explain to her daughter that if her friends are here illegally, they have put themselves into this situation and may need to face the consequences.
As I said earlier, vetting and becoming citizens must be a prerequisite. Otherwise I see this action by the councilmembers as the the city of Brooklyn Park a sanctuary city! That is my take!
Dean Braun
Brooklyn Park