Brooklyn Park moves ahead with Highway 169-101st Avenue interchange

After the Metropolitan Council was awarded $7 million in federal funding for the Highway 169 and 101st Avenue interchange project, Brooklyn Park’s City Council unanimously approved for a consultant and city staff members to move forward with the preparation of a federal environmental assessment document for the project.
This city is required to complete an upgraded environmental assessment document in order to receive the federal funding, which has a sunset date of July 1, 2021. That is, the city must award that project for construction before that date or risk losing that funding.
The cost to prepare this document is projected at $110,065.
“It is an hourly, not to exceed amount, so if it takes $80,000, of SRF’s time, billable time to complete the document that’s what the city is charged, and with the original agreement, there is a standard hourly rate associated with the people with SRF,” said Jesse Struve, city engineer.
The city will work with SRF Consulting Group to prepare the document. Previously, the city worked with SRF on the two-phase Highway 169 and 101st Avenue interchange traffic study, as well as an application for the interchange construction project.
The scope of this project goes beyond city staff expertise. The city council approved retaining SRF to work on pending land use, engineering and planning issues primarily in the northwest portion of the city in June 2013. The services agreement with the consultant is valid through June 9, 2017.
The city should reach out to Champlin and its city council regarding this project, Mayor Jeff Lunde said.
“Knowing where we were a few years ago on working with Champlin and where we are now, I’d really like if there’s a way to set up a time for us to have a joint meeting, whether its kind of a social setting like Champlin hosted, just because this as it gets closer is going to be more, I think, in front of their minds as well,” Lunde said. “It was just really good to have everybody on the same page.

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