Brooklyn Center Secondary honors its best and brightest

Class of 2017 Salutatorian Isaiah Herr, left, and Valedictorian Jade Yang, right, were honored for their academic achievements during the May 19 academic recognition assembly at Brooklyn Center Secondary School. (Sun Post staff photo by Christiaan Tarbox)

As the 2016-17 school year races to a close, Brooklyn Center Secondary School honored its highest achieving students during the school’s 42nd annual academic recognition and scholarship assembly.

The May 19 school day opened with the special assembly, with the entire school filling the gymnasium where friends and classmates cheered their peers who were honored for their awarding of various scholarships and academic awards of merit. The assembly was emceed by National Honor Society president and vice president Sandy Vang and Michael Hohn, respectively.

From left to right: Desiree Swanson, DeCapria Naigow, Bryan Villatla, Fatima Kaba, Melody Herr and Sheng Vang were awarded scholarships from the Brooklyn Center Lions Club. (Sun Post staff photo by Christiaan Tarbox)

“College is a very expensive endeavor,” said BCS Principal Carly Jarva. “However, it is something that is an investment: you’re investing in your potential, you’re investing in your development, and you’re investing in your future. But, at the end of the day, you still got to pay for it. Without scholarships, without financial aid, it can be a lot more difficult. Without the donors who give so generously to our Brooklyn Center students, we wouldn’t be able to be doing what we’re doing.”

A wide variety of scholarships funded by a number of local organizations were awarded to a number of students. The Brooklyn Center Rotary Scholarship was awarded to Sadia Hills-Squire, Victoria Cheng, Melodie Hunt, and Isai Chavez Gomino. Recipients for the Wallin Scholarship were Molubah Seley and Isaiah Herr. Seley was also awarded a scholarship from the Sons of the American Revolution organization.

Fatima Kaba was awarded a scholarship from the Education Minnesota group, while the Brooklyn Center Lions Club awarded scholarships to Kaba, Desiree Swanson, DeCapria Naigow, Bryan Villalta, Sheng Vang, and Melody Herr. The Centaur Foundation scholarships were given to Jade Yang, Molubah Seley, Christina Gilbert, and Sandy Vang. Scholarships from the Korean Presbyterian Church were awarded to Kionta Faudous and Lionnal Mathies.

Miranda Granruth was the recipient for the Horatio Alger Scholarship and the Catholic United Financial scholarship. Sando Dougan was the honoree for the Comcast Scholarship, while the Andersen Corporation scholarship was awarded to Christina Gilbert. Melody Herr was the sole recipient of a scholarship from the Brooklyn Center Women’s Club, and the Earle Brown PTA Scholarship went to Martor Collins.

Two full-ride, four-year scholarships were awarded to seniors Roland Osageide and Pierre Lawhon, while Mia Jones was the recipient of the Donald Science Corporation scholarship.

The school ended the assembly by recognizing Brooklyn Center Secondary’s academic top 10, listed in order: class valedictorian Jade Yang, class salutatorian Isaiah Herr, Miranda Granruth, Christina Gilbert, Kyra Cain, Sheng Vang, Melody Herr, Molubah Seley, Sandy Vang, and Nia Ford.

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