Rustic Revival reopens in Brooklyn Park in expanded form

Rustic Revival Barnwood owner Rhonda Engle, left, and co-owner and interior designer, Jenna Letzring. (Sun Post staff photos by Kevin Miller) Picture frames sit on top of a handmade table, both of which are built from reclaimed barnwood.
Barnwood is sorted by size and color, among other features, in the store’s lumber yard.
Rustic Revival Barnwood owner Rhonda Engle, left, and co-owner and interior designer, Jenna Letzring. (Sun Post staff photos by Kevin Miller)

Rustic Revival, a store in Brooklyn Park, is expanding to offer not only reclaimed barnwood, but also home décor and interior decorating services.
Owner Rhonda Engle spent some of her youth on a family farm in Montana, where her grandfather taught her the art of woodworking. The farm had a long and storied history, as her great grandfather founded the homestead before other settlers had built in the area.
“It was always amazing to me … what men [could] build with their hands back then,” she said.
Approximately 30 years ago, someone offered her grandfather money to dismantle and reclaim the wood from his barn on the Montana property.
“Ever since then, I’m like, ‘That would be the coolest … business ever,’” she said. “I got really tired of seeing barns collapsing all around me.
So, for 30 years, she yearned to reclaim barnwood and put it to new uses.
However, around 2012, she fell ill with Lyme disease. While symptoms from the disease can vary from person to person, for Engle, the disease impacted her joints and muscles, leaving her feeling fatigued. “It’s brutal,” she said. She spent several years bed-ridden as a result.
Eventually, Engle decided she needed to make a change. “I finally just said, ‘Enough is enough.’ I’ve got to find something to put a smile on my face and get me out of bed,” she said.
After posting an ad on Craigslist, she found a barn she could tear down in Harris, Minnesota, at no cost to her. She tore it down piece by piece, keeping the wood to later sell. It was December 2015.
A month later, Engle founded Rustic Revival Barnwood, at 8601 73rd Ave. N., Suite 8.
While the business began as a lumber yard, it has grown to include finished furnishings, interior design work such as accent walls, and a growing line of tables and other furniture.
As the business has grown, Engle has hired contractors to dismantle barns. And while Engle builds some of the store’s offerings, other welders, locksmiths, carpenters and artists have become involved.
Taking apart barns was “actually a lot of fun,” Engle said. “I miss that part, but the shop just – it grew so fast that I couldn’t be there and here, so I finally had to let that part go.
“It’s like an adult treasure hunt wherever you go,” Engle added.
There are also approximately 20-30 people who contribute to the home décor store.
The new home décor store officially opened July 9, with a craft fair, a petting zoo, several vendors, a raffle with proceeds going to the Brooklyn Park Fire and Police departments, and food trucks.
Jenna Letzring, co-owner and interior designer, made a habit of bringing clients to Rustic Revival before joining the company. Letzring has been designing the company’s new furniture line.
“I’ve been very intrigued and inspired by this place for while, and so when [Engle] said, ‘Do you want to help me re-do this place,’ I was like ‘absolutely,’” Letzring said.
While much of their clientele was contractors when the store first opened, as offerings have expanded and word-of-mouth has increased, less handy shoppers have came looking for gifts and design help.
Barnwood in particular, along with other offerings, have mainly brought people searching for an industrial, rustic, or farmhouse aesthetic, Letzring said.
Custom work also makes up a portion of Rustic Revival’s business. For instance, they offer custom barn doors built from several base designs, as well as accent walls.
As a result of increased interest, the store now stays open seven days a week, rather than the four days it was originally open.
The effort to remodel and offer other products has been largely a family affair, with both of the pair’s children and husbands contributing.
The pair plans to offer workshops where shoppers will be able to assemble a variety of products with Rustic Revival’s tools.
Engle has ties to Brooklyn Park. She was partly raised in the city before moving away at age 7, then moved back when she was in her 20s, and finally back again.
“I just can’t get away from here, honestly,” she said.