Notice of Sales – PUBLIC NOTICE



8517 Xylon Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, MN 55445-1820

July 28, 2017 at 10:30 am

PS Orangeco, Inc. and/or Shurgard TRS, Inc. will conduct sales(s) at Public Storage located at Brooklyn Park 25547: 8517 Xylon Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, MN 55445-1820. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell at public auction on July 28, 2017 at 10:30 am personal property including but not limited to furniture, clothing, tools and/or other household items. The name of the person(s) whose personal property is to be sold is as follows:

1103-Burrell, Bridgett

1106-Blevin, Riccardo

1128-Lawson, Trina

1308-Russell, Tina

1315-Wade, Willie

1324-Smith, Armin

1417-Parenteau, Daniel

1422-Parker, Deanna

1426-Miller, Robert

2102-Roach, David

2106-Mcghee, Pearlene

2203-Wainmoh, Wilson

2221-Alabi, Basil

2502-Wirth, Steven

2614-Hill, Irving

2622-Rosburg, Jennifer

3202-Louise, Ruth

3214-Williams, Angelo

4112-Cooper, Comfort

4121-Norman, Zao

4212-Traveler, Cornell

4214-Mccoy, Nola

4304-Dunn, Simpson Jr

4309-Olson, Jordan

4315-Cariveau, Heather

4319-Rogers, Deangelo

4408-Thomas, Lashaundra

4501-Wleh, Sampson

4511-Jones, Raynette

4514-Summers, Tara

4605-Tighe, Patrick

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July 13, 20, 2017


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