Brooklyn Park Fire Chief to resign, pending City Council approval of separation agreement

Fire Chief Ken Prillaman poses for a photo with an aspiring fire fighter. (Sun Post staff photos by Kevin Miller)
Fire Chief Ken Prillaman poses for a photo with an aspiring fire fighter at Brooklyn Park’s Tater Daze festival. (Sun Post staff photos by Kevin Miller)

Brooklyn Park Fire Chief Ken Prillaman will resign his post pending city council approval, with his last day in office being Friday, Aug. 11.
“For the past month, Fire Chief Ken Prillaman and I have been discussing and amicable separation between him and the city of Brooklyn Park,” reads an email from city manager Jay Stroebel to city staff members. “It is well known there’s been a unique dynamic between him and some members of the city council. For the benefit of the Brooklyn Park Fire Department, its staff and overall culture, I am making the recommendation that the city council approve this separation agreement.”
The separation agreement will come before the council at its July 24 meeting.
If Prillaman’s separation agreement is approved, Stroebel recommends Deputy Chief Todd Seitz for interim fire chief.
The agreement stipulates that while Prillaman’s last day in office would be Aug. 11, he will officially resign from office Sept. 2, 2017, effective March 3, 2018. He would receive six months worth of wage and benefits beginning Sept. 3, 2017. Prillaman would also receive a payment of $35,000 in a retirement health savings account for his complete release of any claims against the city. He will also receive payment for his accrued sick leave, per city policy.
Any vacation time that he cannot use between Aug. 13 and Sept. 3 will be paid, along with any accrued vacation during his leave of absence.
Prillaman has been fire chief at the city since July 2008.
According to the agreement, Prillaman will make himself available on an as-needed basis to consult with the city.
“Chief Prillaman is well respected in our organization and is the longest tenured member of our department directors’ team. He’s also highly regarded throughout our Brooklyn Park community, especially in regards to his passion for assisting the fire service in Liberia,” Stroebel wrote.

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