Brooklyn Park City Council approves conditional-use permit for new day care

The Brooklyn Park City Council unanimously approved a conditional-use permit for Angel’s Learning Center day care location at 7624 Brooklyn Blvd.
Previously, the child care center has operated out of Price of Peace Church at 7217 W. Broadway, but has been looking to expand into its own space. The approved location will be located in the building that formerly housed Goodyear Tire and National Tire as part of the Zanebrook Shopping Center.
Some changes will be made to the outside of the building, and the interior will be remodeled. The garage doors on the building will be replaced with windows matching the rest of the building. A black decorative fence similar to the one at the nearby Village Creek Police Station will be installed to enclose both front and back play areas.
The driveway leading up to the garage doors will be enclosed with a curb and a new walkway, and a play area will be constructed in it, according to Planning Director Cindy Sherman. The fence around the front play area will be in line with the western wall of the building.
Some council members expressed concern regarding child safety with the amount of traffic in the area. Councilmember Susan Pha said she was concerned about children crossing into traffic.
“I know that area very well,” she said. “I drive by it all the time, and along where the entrance is, that road that goes through the shopping area, I know there’s a lot of people that often speed in that parking lot.”
Pha asked that a sign be added to encourage drivers to slow down in the area. Councilmember Mark Mata said speed bumps should be considered as a method to slow drivers down.
Wall lighting on the building will be replaced with downcast and shielded lights.
There are no environmental concerns regarding the building’s previous use as an auto center, as the applicant commissioned an environmental review for the building, Sherman said.
A row of parking along the north end of the building will be used for drop-off and pick-up of children.
There is an existing pylon sign on the property, which is no longer allowed in the Village Creek zoning district – it is considered legal non-conforming. Angel’s Learning Center has indicated it would use the sign. If it is not used, it will need to be removed from the property.
As the property is zoned village redevelopment, all uses in the area are conditional.
The planning commission had unanimously recommended approval of the permit at its July 12 meeting.