New Hope receives wellness award

Employee wellness is important to the City of New Hope.
After revamping its wellness program, the city received a silver level Wellness by Design Award from Hennepin County.
“Wellness by Design is a positive way to measure the success of our new program which has seen more enthusiasm due to wellness education in the form of lunch and learn events on various subjects ranging from healthy grilling to Alzheimer’s awareness,” said Eve Lomaistro, human resources coordinator. “Participants are able to attend events taht interest them rather than feeling obligated to attend just to satisfy a wellness requirement. In addition, participants are enjoying the social interaction with their peers.”
In 2016, New Hope offered fitness trackers to employees that participated in biometric screenings. According to staff members, they had the second best turnout since starting the screenings.
According to the city, keeping the program simple was the key to success.
This is New Hope’s fourth Wellness by Design Award. The city earned a bronze level award in 2006, silver level award in 2011 and gold level award in 2012.
“The city’s wellness program has gone through a major overhaul since then and has arrived at a new, better than ever program that interests our employees and has better participation than in the past,” she said.
The award recognizes employers who have successful health promotion efforts within the company. Employers who minimize their environmental impact may also receive a +Green designation.
“Hats off to Eve and the other staff members that helped coordinate this,” said Council member John Elder. “They’re work is benefiting all of the staff. So, thank you very much.”
This year, Hennepin County presented 73 awards to organizations ranging from small cities to large corporations.