Two men charged in St. Louis Park robbery

Suspects from Duluth and Brooklyn Center have been charged in a St. Louis Park robbery.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office charged Brooklyn Center resident JMarquello Kim Hollins, Jr., 23, and Duluth resident Shamar Lee Myles, 21, each with one count of first-degree aggravated robbery and one count of fifth-degree assault.

Court documents provide the following account of the allegations:

Officers responded July 19 to a complaint of a robbery at an apartment building at 1351 Hampshire Ave. S. Officers met with a man who had a laceration above his right eye.

The man told police that he had arranged through text messages to buy a cell phone through an online marketplace. He and the seller agreed to conduct the transaction at the apartment building. He said he met two men near the entrance of the building.

The man police identified as the victim said one of the men said he had brought a friend along because he had issues when selling a phone previously. The cell phone buyer said one of the men told him to contact his cell phone service provider to ensure the phone he planned to purchase would work with his network.

The buyer said one of the two men then punched him in the face, prompting the buyer to run from the scene. Both men chased him, he told police. After he fell down, he told police one of the men removed his pants that contained car keys, an apartment key, a wallet with $800 in cash, bank cards, a driver’s license and other important belongings. He told police the men ran with his pants to a vehicle and left the scene.

A witness said he came outside the apartment building when he heard a yell for help. The witness said he saw two men, who he described, running toward a black Chevrolet Impala with rear-end damage.

Law enforcement personnel performed surveillance of a suspect vehicle located in Fridley. Police said they watched Myles access the vehicle truck and that he matched a witness description of one of the men involved in the robbery.

Police arrested Myles and began to impound the vehicle. As a tow truck collected the vehicle, the car’s owner arrived to speak to police.

The owner told police she had driven Myles and another man on the evening of the robbery, the court documents allege. The vehicle owner reportedly said Myles and the other man left her vehicle to sell the phone at the apartment complex while she stayed in the car. When she saw both men running back to the car, “she got scared and started to drive off but then realized that she did not want to leave the males there, so she let them back in the car and drove away,” the court document states.

Myles allegedly said something like, “Dude punched him,” while the other man said he had punched the victim “dead … and he laid there,” according to the police account of the vehicle owner’s statement. The vehicle owner allegedly said that Myles asked the other man “how much they got.” After the other man reportedly stated that they had obtained $500-600, Myles allegedly asked if he could have $100. The vehicle owner said they dropped the other man off at Penn Gas Station in Minneapolis.

Myles reportedly told police that he had met a man he knew only as “Kaylo” at Penn Gas Station and drove to the apartment building in St. Louis Park. Myles said they asked the cell phone buyer to call his phone company before “Kaylo” punched the buyer in the face. Myles reportedly said he turned and ran away and that he heard “Kaylo” running after him. They returned to Penn Gas Station, at which point Myles allegedly said that “Kaylo” gave him about $60 he took from the victim and that he saw “Kaylo” with the victim’s shorts, according to the police account.

The vehicle’s owner later told police that she believed she had identified “Kaylo” and showed law enforcement the Facebook profile of Hollins.

After an investigator showed Myles the driver’s license photo of Hollins, Myles identified Hollins as the other man involved with the robbery, the court document alleges.

Through photographs, the man police referred to as the victim allegedly identified Myles and Hollins as the suspects who robbed him.

According to police, the man received two stitches on his eyelid as a result of the assault.