Giving thanks for community support

To the Editor:

National Night Out has been happening for several years and New Hope Police Department has always included the NEAR Food Shelf by asking for donations of food and money for us. Donations of 1,287 pounds of food were brought in. What a way to not only have the neighbors get together but also to help the neighbors that need that extra push. A special thank you to Broadway Village, who had a party and included the NEAR Food Shelf and donated 535 pounds of food and $106.

We are all winners: New Hope police because they brought in lots of food; Crystal police because they got to know the neighbors better and brought in 515 pounds of food; the food shelf because we received all of these wonderful donations; but mostly, our clients were the winners because they will have food when they need it the most.

Thank you to both police departments for the diligence in making this happen. When you see a police officer, please tell them how much we need and depend on them, and say thank you for putting their lives on the line every day of the week so you and I can be safe in our homes, or no matter where we are.

A special thank you to both communities for giving food or cash to the less fortunate. May God bless.

Jan Monroe
NEAR Food Shelf, Crystal