Letter: Organized garbage collection is a good idea for New Hope

To the Editor:
The New Hope City Council is considering organized garbage hauling and some of the local garbage haulers including Randy’s and Garbage Man are fighting it.
A mailing went out prior to the Aug. 7 meeting decrying a “government takeover” of trash collection, sporting “protect your freedom to choose” in big red letters and two American flags.
It impressed me as pure propaganda, but I understand many of the people who went to the meeting had bought in.
I would ask them to think again about whether the garbage haulers are truly interested in freedom to choose or whether they think organized garbage collection would hurt their bottom line. I’m more inclined to follow the money.
If there really were an issue of free market, why isn’t the Chamber of Commerce or some other guardian of the American Way getting involved?
For my part, I’m tired of five trucks rumbling up and down my street every week.

David Perlman
New Hope

  • AverageJoeMN

    The letter writer states his “reasoning” to take away your ability to select your own vendor; because he doesn’t like your garbage truck going down the street you paid for he believes he has the right to take away your choice.

    How special it must be to think your choice is more important than your neighbors. I like making my own choices and being able to change that choice when it makes sense. I might get a better deal, or a particular vendor isn’t living up to expectations so I get to correct that by making a change. But if we listen to Mr. Perlman, he wants to make that choice for you and if you don’t like it, tough luck, you get what you get.
    Let’s follow the money, as he suggests. The city in their selection of one vendor confiscates the business of all the others, without compensation. The investments those companies made in trucks, company infrastructure and employees, taken away from them. All those employees lose their jobs because Mr. Perlman says only one company gets all the business. What a nice guy he is making that decision for all those families.

    What a sad letter, someone who thinks they’re more important than everyone else.