Letter to the Editor: There is no death tax

To the Editor:
Congressional District 3 Representative Erik Paulsen’s office recently distributed flyers touting how he is working to repeal the “death tax” on our behalf.
Just to be clear, the term “death tax” is used to scare people into thinking they are taxed for dying. This is ridiculous. What he is referring to is the federal estate tax. The estate tax only impacts people with an estate worth over $5.49 million.
If you are in that category, he’s working for you. If not, he’s working for someone else. Hint: The 1 percent.

Gail Porter
Brooklyn Park

  • AverageJoeMN

    How confusing is this? First she says there’s no such thing, then she says there is. Paulsen haters just can’t figure how to hate him more.